17-06-2008 Sebastian Brandt - Blank Point 020 *Summer Special*

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vinnieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :hug::hug:

although under that noise I would dance kinda like I m having a heart attack which is not that girly ehhhm ok :lol:


me no likes this one :blink: too noisy...
alright, thanks for listening + don't forget to vote!

angel ace on air now.
ok,gotta go now,have a set to upload and girls to call:mask:

bye ppl:wave:

----->01 4 Strings - Catch A Fall (First State's Dark Mix) [Maelstrom]<-----
02 Off Key - Showdown (Ali Willson & Scott Atrill Remix) [Flashover]
03 Mauro Picotto - Ibiza Angel (Rex Mundi Remix) [Big In Ibiza]
04 Ehren Stowers - Icarus [Perceptive]
05 Adam Foley - Indefinite Suspention (Paul Miller & Dima Krasnik Remix) [Branded]
06 Fast Distance - Kilimanjaro [Finity]
07 Activa - End Of Summer (Club Mix 2) [Discover]
08 Signum - Royal Flash [ASOT]
09 VVT - Motorway

"I need you like a flower needs the rain..." :):):)

This is the first track, correct? Catch A Fall??:wow::choonalert:
hey guys.

did any of u see the middle-east in the mix 004 lineup? aly & fila r playing live for 3 hours!!
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tuned in :music:

Okay! Done with work. Now I can play some. Woot! :dancing: :cat:
Color me confused. The site said two different things and WinAmp said something else. I couldn't tell for sure which trail I was supposed to be in. Did anyone else have that problem? :blink: :cat:

Is anyone else even here? :mask: