17-08-2013 Ronny K. - trance4nations 061

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Jul 27, 2007
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Ronny K.
Ronny K.
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Real Name: Roland Kempny

Aliases: Advanced, Onyx (17), Roland Kempny

Locations: London, Prague, Brno, Ostrava


01. Ronny K. vs Android - Simple Joy (Original Mix) [Defcon]
02. Se.Ra.Phic - Storm of Light (2trancY Moonrising Mix) [Critical Fusion (XPM)]
03. Pedro Del Mar & Damian Wasse - New World [Delmar]
04. Allen Watts - Out Of Reach (Original Mix) [Trance All-Stars]
05. Matt Bukovski - Bravery [Blue Soho]
06. Grizli Man - Evolution (Original Mix) [Unearthed Red]
07. C-Systems & Jaco feat. Hanna Finsen - Come Home [Blue Soho]
08. Ciro Visone - Flying On The Moon (New World Remix) [Blue Soho]
09. Ico feat. Muhib Khan - Tanha (Dub Mix) [Sensual Bliss]
10. Philip Mayer vs Ronald De Foe - Nefertiti [Shah-Music Digital]
11. Outer Space - New Land (Michele Cecchi Remix) [Nile Tunes]
12. The Noble Six - Discovering The Sphinx (Original Mix) [Blue Soho]
13. Ronny K. - Pelagea [MOTIV8]
14. Ronny K. - Collateral [MOTIV8]
15. Javah feat. Claire Willis - Let Me Show You (TrancEye Remix) [Redux Digital]
16. Ronny K. - City Of Angels [MOTIV8]
17. Ronny K. - Madrid [Entrance]
18. Dreamy & Ikerya Project - Our Story (TrancEye Remix) [Trancefixion Digital]
19. ZiRENZ - Chased By The Sun (Ian Standerwick Thump'n Mix) [Afterworld]

Ronny K. - trance4nations 061 on AH.FM 17-08-2013.mp3

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Ronny K. in the mix! :super:
01. Ronny K. vs Android - Simple Joy (Original Mix)
Soon you can see me live in Zaandam. 31.August Ill be playing at Pleasure Island music festival in Holland
02. Se.Ra.Phic - Storm of Light (2trancY Moonrising Mix)
Hello everyone ...let's enjoy two hours of uplifting tunes together :friends: