17-10-2007 Karybde & Scylla - Pure Trance Pleasure 029

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Hi lethalleigh ! Welcome to Pure Trance Pleasure !

Pleasure is all Mine mate!

nice show you guys! if im ever up this early i shall tune in! im sick at moment so sleeping is screwed up! still my headphones havent given me a headache at 7am in morning, if it was anywhere close to 10ish id have my loudspeakers pumpin you guys out!

AHOY FROM AUSTRALIA, to umm the froggles apparentally hahahah
ouuu my little laan is jealousss!!!!! xDDDD

come here sweety :kissing2::kissing2::kissing2:


:blush: Tomorrow I'm going to ADE intuition dance event like you know. Want to come over to my place? :)

You've seen the thread about it.
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:choon: vocals alert! :)
its a shit!!!! id love to go but until february im busy as f*** :(:(:( but thx so much hun :)

I'm going to convince Menno de Jong to move his radioshow to AH once again. Last time I spoke him I saw he sort of wanted to. Anyway He's friends with Will and so he doesnt want to leave etn :p.

Menno isn't such a good dj himself though. He just plays what people want to hear. No great transitions etc etc..