17-11-2010 Tritonal - Air Up There 032

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:: Shogun feat Emma Lock - Save Me (Vocal Mix) [S107] ::

It all seemed to disappear
Like it was never really here
This gets so emotional
Nothing left to fear
The pull of ocean tide
Teardrops hung out to dry
I don't want to let go
Not this time
Bring back you lovin
I'm out here alone
Bring back your lovin
Don't say our love
Is set in stone

Don't turn away from me
Our love is our energy
Don't leave me in silence still
Trapped in my own free will

You shine a light
That ignites in me
And your the only one right now
who can save me
So come save me

Come save me
Come save me

You shine a light
Thats ignites in me
And your the only one right now
who can save me

Emma Lock
Emma Lock
Discography at Discogs :book:
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Real Name: Emma Louise Lock

Profile: Singer • Songwriter • Musician

DJ Shogun
DJ Shogun
- Discogs Search

Profile: American born Taiwanese DJ and producer, Andrew Chen aka Shogun

Location: Los Angeles, California, USA

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