18-01-2012 Manuel Le Saux - Extrema 253

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Ciao Manu !Thanks for my uplifting trance drug !!!

No release date for Soholand :(
1404 Fans Listened : thank you Manuel Le Saux ! : Manuel Le Saux pres. Extrema 253 on AH.FM

Manuel Le Saux
Manuel Le Saux
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Real Name: Emanuele Lucariello

Aliases: CO3, Emanuele Lucariello
In Groups: Astuni & Le Saux

Genre: Trance
Profile: DJ and Producer

Location: Rome, Lazio, Italy


The Master Of
Uplifting Trance


thats all for this week ppl

tnx alot for listening the show

dont forget to vote for your fav tune

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cya next week ;)


:clap2: :thankyou: :good2: :replay: :grinning:​

:clap2: :thankyou: :good2: :replay: :grinning:​

:clap2: :thankyou: :good2: :replay: :grinning:

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Mannyyyyyy!!!! whose tuned in right now i hope im not alone :super::super: