18-03-2008 George Vemag - Waves of Euphoria 028

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I love Music
Jul 27, 2007
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The unique experience in progressive and trance scene! GEORGE VEMAG promises to continue the unexpectable radioshow with fresh tunes from the future of dance music! This radioshow includes mixes from the biggest names in trance,techno and progressive and offers you the expected quality!

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yeeey...euphoria :mml:
weird, how come only 2 of us here? it's so unusual for a fresh show :(
Nah! I'm here too,just checking things out on the forums:)
awesome set so far :mml: :choon: :super:
Piccoli what t-shirt did you get a stitched one or the original?

I think that I read that the stitched ones run a little small.
and another :choon: :mml:
i think this is Filthy Ripper :mml:
ID ID ID is there going to be a tracklist for this awesome set!????
I love this kind of vocal ... reminds me the desert .. and makes me feel like a nomad ! haaa !! :') we need the ID !