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18-05-2007 Abstraction Deep pres. Deep Sessions with DJ Eric Flash - session 5

DJ Eric Flash

Oct 31, 2006
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20:00 CET


tracklist will be after the show)
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tuned in! I'll let you know what I think about the show :)
i liked the breaks track in the beginning. great start to kick off the show :)
oooooh! one of my favourite tunes of the moment right now ;)
Great job DJ Eric Flash, I can't wait 4 tracklist to have the song with russian vocal:> greats4ya Eric
thats all)


Probspot - Heatsink
Renov8 and Euphorik - Love In Rythm
Renoise vs. Shifted Reality - In Flames (S. Reality Remix)
The Doppler Effect - Beauty Hides In The Deep
Dmitrij Filatov - Esche Odin den'(Aurosonic remix)
Aurosonic vs. IIO - Is It Missing Love(T.I.M. Project Mash Up)
Aurosonic - Starfall feat. Stella Grant (Vocal Mix)
Euphorik pres. Winbreaker - Polaris
Offdate - Southern Sun
dj methodome THX!
Dmitrij Filatov - Esche Odin den'(Aurosonic remix) - song with russian vocal