18-05-2007 Angelo Mike pres Duderstadt @ Sentence Sessions episode 22

My day/night could be better, meant to see Tyas tonight *cries* at Turnmills in London.......;0(

But hey ho - some good tunes on here tonight so all not so bad....how be you?
Too bad about the event, Tyas would be an amazing show.

I'm swell, but just hoping into a meeting. Catch you later.
in·iq·ui·trance said:
Stella! Hi!

I missed posting with you these last two weeks. How have you been?

I am all good thanks for asking and me too been wondering where you were as I have not seen you around for a while,hope you're well :)

hope to catch soon a replay of this show,as I have missed it except the last 3 tracks