18-09-2013 Manuel Le Saux pres. Extrema 331

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Jul 27, 2007
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Manuel Le Saux
Manuel Le Saux
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Real Name: Emanuele Lucariello

Aliases: CO3, Emanuele Lucariello
In Groups: Astuni & Le Saux

Genre: Trance
Profile: DJ and Producer

Location: Rome, Lazio, Italy


01 - Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland - Piha (Daniel Skyver Remix) [Titan Audio]
02 - Damian Wasse - My Heart (Astuni & Manuel Le Saux Re-Lift) [Trance All-Stars]
03 - RAM - RAMnesia [Digital Society]
04 - Matt Bowdidge - Far From Me [Monster Digital]
05 - Blue Twinkle - Last Promise (Hypaethrame Remix) [Sensual Bliss]
06 - Talla 2XLC, Manuel Le Saux & Ferry Tayle - Now And Forever [Tetsuo]
07 - Tritonal - Sky Nights (Allen & Envy Remix) [Together Recordings]
08 - Saman & Farzam vs Venom - Project Persia (Original Mix) [AEZ]
09 - O.B.M Notion with Mostfa & Mostfa - The Land Of Myths (Farzam Remix) [AEZ]

Manuel Le Saux pres Extrema 331 on AH.FM 18-09-2013.mp3

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LeSaux said:
so since im still touring in australia , this week and next week top twenty tunes shows will be special editions ( melbourne and sydney edition) normal TTT will be back on the 30th of september.
About Extrema , there will be a new episode this week as always but i cant be here during the show .....

happy week everyone

LeSaux said:
Hey mate ill send u the tl for tomorrow's show later ;)

:unsure: So another show this week without Manny with us in the forums, and since he sent it to me I'll be filling in for him again on tracklisting.
Tuned here
Here we go
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Tuned here

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