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Jun 3, 2013
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The new release of Suanda Music is here - this time it's a vocal work by 1Touch titled "Here I Go", with remixes from Adam Navel and Sergey Shemet on board.

The light and bright Original Mix (called Classic Mix by 1Touch - who knows, maybe one day it will be a classic too!) features a very upbeat rhythm accompanying the vocals, mixing together uplifting sounds and techy climax while still keeping it very gentle and ethereal. This might be a worthy pick for a warmup tune in a high-bpm set - 1Touch took care of it in advance by preparing an Intro Mix as well.

Adam Navel is by no means a newcomer to the label - having delivered a fantastic remix of Roman Messer's "Love Around The World" a few months ago, he's back on track, showing he's no stranger to diversity. We've heard Adam's uplifting side, but now progressive sounds prevail in his remix of "Here I Go", adding that special groove to the vocals (or, if you prefer, sounding solo, as Adam made a Dub Mix, too).

Closing the package is a remix by Sergey Shemet, and this one hits hard! Energetic uplifting beats define the sound of his vision of "Here I Go", with funky bassline and sonorous cymbals emphasizing the rhythm of the track. A powerful work well-suited for dancefloors - and we're sure it's going to rock quite a lot of them!

01. Here I Go (Classic Intro Mix)
02. Here I Go (Adam Navel Remix)
03. Here I Go (Classic Extended Mix)
04. Here I Go (Sergey Shemet Remix)
05. Here I Go (Adam Navel Dub Remix)
06. Here I Go (Classic Radio Mix)

Supported by Lazarus, Ultimate, Aimoon, Anna Lee, Iversoon & Alex Daf and many other DJs.

Release date on Beatport: September 9th (out now!), all other stores: September 23rd.

Buy at Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/here-i-go/1145996


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