2 X sample, ID plz)

Hey Cristian!

After a little searching I found the original version of id1000.mp3 :

=> Fleetwood mac - everywhere :)

Look here on YouTube: YouTube - Fleetwood Mac- Everywhere (Dance 1997)

I don't know the remix you're looking for... but the "2004 dance mix" is a bit the same...
But I think you can find it out yourself :grinning:

Good luck and regards!
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well thank You:) I thought it's some kind of remix of Bonnie Bailey - Everywhere but You're right,will look for the remix thanks:)

but I'd like ot get the second title more hehe:D amazing break down:D
first one is a remix of Romanthony - Let Me Show You Love but ive no idea what or who. sorry i cant be more help