20-03-2008 Marcus Schossow - Tone Diary

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:unsure: You caught me... Lately, it sounds like MTV's TRL, the first hour at least...

I listen the first hour just for the "protocol' ...
The second hour might say something but in a 2 hour mix I only liked one choon that's sad but I m a big heart, everyone deserves a bad day :lol:

ok let's hear some good choons here Marcus :super:
im sure they wont mind, it wont affect the recording or anything
ill see if i can get down to passion though, dont wanna miss JoC

only problem is that Passion is on 5th April and our show is on 22nd... Im worried it will sound a bit old...
what the fak with the super mario effects in trance choons lately :unsure:
shit...the swearing has stopped, now we get polish jingles instead :unsure:

strike that...we got a f*ing translation :lol: