20-07-2008 Ian Buff - Connective Sounds 008

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MASSIVE set Ian!!! :bow: :bow: :bow:

hello guy from the North:lol:
:wave: south

yo ichigo san
or syphon filter
wats shaking
ichigo san??? :unsure:

syphon filter? wth??? :mask:

hello :wave:

good evening Sypher !
:book: your ava makes me wonder : what's the story behind it exactly? What do I see ? :unsure:

hey man! :)

there is not story i think. just thought it looked cool :mml:

tell me, have this set been so as the last 10 min?? :music:
* Ian Buff pres. Connective Sounds 008 on AH.FM ~ Now Listening : 704 *

last track was one of the best ( to me ) of your set Ian !

:cap: I choose ' good ' in voting ( between good and very good actually) : not because I'm disappointed, just to reserve the ultimate ' massive ' for the real outstanding. Thanks a lot - you offered us a fine hour of quality Trance ! :hug:
you got a massive from me Ian:super::super:
Thx IanBuff for a good set. :super:
missed this set a few days ago...sounds good! :music:
:music: R:dancing:E:super:P:dancing:L:super:A:dancing:Y :music: