2006|06|27 Astrosession 012


May 25, 2006
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2006|07|11 Astrosession 012

Time for another new astrosessions, today's episode is all uplifting and tech trance. =] Enjoy!

It all starts at 1pm PST (8pm GMT). To find out the time in your area, click here.

1. Mike Shiver & Marc Damon - Water Ripples (Mike Shiver's Introduction Mix) [Captured]
2. Matias Lehtola feat. Gina J - Burning Bright (Original Mix) [Captured]
3. Tatana feat Onita Boone - Free (Smith and Pledger Mix) [Syrup]
4. Daniel Kandi - Breathe (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
5. Modulation - White Flame (Miika Kuisma Dub) [Big Star] [Tune of the Week]
6. Selu Vibra - Divine (3rd Moon Mix) [Somatic]
7. Mike Foyle vs Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk (Mike's Gladiator Mix) [CDR]
8. Sunquest - Starburst (Original Mix) [Camouflage]
9. Michael Splint feat. Sasja - You Set Me Free (DJ Choose & F Mix) [F&W]
10. Divini & Warning - 4LB (Original Mix) [Reset]

See You Then!
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9pm British Summertime & 10pm Central Europe ;)

That time&date thing is so useful as people tend to associate GMT with being UK time (which it is in winter) but we're an hour ahead

CLICK THAT LINK PEOPLE and tune in to a great astrosession ;)
Yep that time thing is very useful =]

Thanks for the extra info magik ;)
I just realized I put the wrong date T_T, It isnt June 27 =P
Thanks, I'm in love with the piano, such a beautiful choon.
Hope everyone enjoyed the mix! See you next week. Downloads will be up tommorrow.