2006|06|28 ConFig - AfterHours Promo Mix


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May 1, 2006
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ConFig - AfterHours Promo Mix @ 1PM EST ( US & Canada )

Enjoy, and post your comments thank you. >P
Indeed :) It's going to be my first set in here and it will bang for sure :)
I've selected some nice Tunes for you all and offcourse I included a few classics too :ohjoy:

Show starts at 1 pm EST ; 6pm GMT ; 7pm CET
I'll keep the Tracklist updated:

1. Mirco De Govia - Voller Sterne
2. Mark Norman feat Celine - Colour My Eyes
3. Alliance - Distant Planet (Menno de Jong Interpretation)
4. Chicane - Autumn Tactics (Thrillseekers Remix)
5. Nitrous Oxide - North Pole
6. Ferry Corsten - Galaxia
7. Sonic Inc. - The Taste Of Summer (Fire & Ice Vitalic Remix)
8. Thomas Bronzwaer Pres. Avalon - Circa (Original Mix)
9. Filo & Peri feat Fisher - Ordinary Moment (Main Mix)
10. Club Scene Investigation - Direct Dizko (Sander van Doorn Remix)
11. Dogzilla - Without You

I'll make sure you won't regret it when you tune in :)
Make sure to stay tuned in after the show cause following to this set There's Robin's 3rd episode of InTrance. Including a hot Summertunes set from Robin and a Chilly Guestmix from me in the second hour ;)
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Robin did not give me your guest mix show...

you will be on after robis set :)
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well done ConFig :D