2006|07|06 - DreamensioN presents Universal Language 001


Universal Language
May 6, 2006
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Welcome to my first monthly installment of Universal Language on Afterhours.FM thus beginning my monthly residency.


Tracklist will be up after the mix, and the set will be avaliable for download from my website.

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You can also download all my previous mixes from my website: www.DreamensioN.net

Here is my bio for those of you that don't know much about me:

DreamensioN is the creator of a bedroom mix series called "Bedroom Sessions", and more recently a monthly radio show called Universal Language. His style is a unique blend of progressive house and trance, both new and old. His philosophy is that classics never die, and even the oldest of tracks (if chosen wisely) can sound as good today in a trance set, as they did 10yrs ago.

Growing up in Brisbane where he still resides, DreamensioN wasn't always into trance. "I never really got to listen to a lot of music when I was growing up. I didn't really know what music was except for my mum's Elvis collection." DreamensioN's first taste in music was the mid-90's grunge era. "I loved the Smashing Pumpkins - I still do. Nirvana was O.K, but Billy Corgan's voice and lyrics just connected better with me. Still in love with the Pumpkins, he started looking at other musical styles eventually discovering hardcore techno. This started a gradual development and change in musical tastes right through to this day. "Hardcore techno has its place, the sound of the raw bass drum, the lyrics of the MC. Dyewitness, DJ Paul Elstak & Ultra Sonic are a few producers that I was fond of. But hardcore just wasn't me, and as I searched further I then found the sounds of House music. This in a way didn't last for very long because it lacked the energy of hardcore. I need something more. That's when I found trance. Sort of half way really isn't it?"

DreamensioN found his passion, and started buying CD's wherever he could. Goa, Psy, Club Trance, Vocal Trance, NRG, it didn't matter. Like a fine wine ageing in the bottle - DreamensioN also mature and started to settle with the artists he liked.

"I would have to say Paul Oakenfold was my biggest influence. He basically changed my opinion on everything. And it was through Oakenfold's work that I discovered the likes of other producers and DJ's. This is how I've ended up where I am today."

"These days I draw upon influence from the likes of Oakenfold, Armin Van Burren, Markus Schulz and Andy Moor. These guys have done a lot for the trance music scene, and no doubt have helped it grow and mature to what it is today (as compared to what it was 5-6yrs ago)."

DreamensioN starting mixing back in 1999 and originally just did it for personal fun. As his skill grew, he ended up mixing a CD that was distributed just to close friends. He never thought of doing it seriously until Bedroom Sessions 3 was released on the internet. The extremely positive feedback and demand for the mix inspired him to keep going and to further develop his skill.

The "Bedroom Sessions" series remains a hit on promo internet downloads, and he has recently teamed up with an online internet radio station to present a new series called "Universal Language".

"The good thing about doing this - is that it gives me a chance to experiment and play around with a few different styles. Over the past couple of years "Bedroom Sessions" has set an expectation and standard. I like to think that when you download it - you know what you're getting. They're also my personal albums - and a reflection of the emotion and feeling I've put into them. Universal Language will be my experimental series, where I will try new things, new styles of music and different techniques."

DreamensioN's uplifting and melodic mixes are sure to be played and listened to for many years to come. His philosophy of classic tracks blended with the latest trance hits are creating timeless mixes that won't date very quickly. Stay tuned for more mixes from this upcoming DJ.
it's only 10 minutes into your set and I'm loving it :D
Thanks baby!
LOL that's my gf dude.
Here's the tracklist:
01 - Moor vs. W.O.W. - Halcyonic Killa (SoliBass Intro Mashup)
02 - Lost Tribe - Angel (Adam White's Instrumental Mix)
03 - Perry O'neil - Numb
04 - RR Workshop - Electrolux (original mix)
05 - The Crystal Method - Smashing Pumpkins - 1979 (1799 Remix)
06 - Niyaz - Dilruba (Junkie XL Remix)
07 - Dominic Plaza - Sounds Rushing (Original Mix)
08 - Andy Bagguley - Sian (Aled Mann presents Solace remix)
09 - Interstate - I Found U (Original mix)
10 - Funabashi - Daylight
11 - Interstate - Remember me (Shawn Mitiska and Tyler Michaud remix)

And the mix is now avalaible for download @ www.dreamension.net
DreamensioN said:
LOL that's my gf dude.


thats was funny :D

did this play on time? cause i dumped it into a script
Dan said:

thats was funny :D

did this play on time? cause i dumped it into a script

It was close enough :p. It kicked off about 4mins early.
then your clock is 8 min early...

cause it was on time :)
Dreamension, sorry i missed your show buddy, hopefully i catch it on the replay
Incredible smooth entry - your first set just started some 8 minutes ago <3