2006|07|18 Astrosessions 013


May 25, 2006
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Today's astrosession will feature new tracks from Rank 1, Sander Van Doorn, and Sassot. Don't miss it!

It all starts at 1pm PST (8pm GMT). To find out the time in your area, click here.

1. Cape Town - Proglifter (Intro Edit) [Camouflage]
2. C-Quence - Final Thoughts (Original Mix) [ASOT]
3. Matias Lehtola vs. Benya feat. Gina J - Burning Prometeus (LMK Bootleg Mashup) [CDR]
4. Falkon Nebula feat. Sasja - So Lost (Under Sun Mix) [Big Star]
5. Sound Fiction - Electronic Revolution (Dub) [Solaris]
6. Arksun - Arisen (Parc Mix) [Armind]
7. Freddy Mercury – Love Kills (Rank 1 Dub mix) [EMI]
8. Yello - Oh Yeah 'Oh Six (Sander Van Doorn Mix) [Universal]
9. Divini & Warning - 4LB [Reset]
10. Dumonde - Tommorrow 2006 (Observer and DJ Spacecase Mix) [Fate]
11. Fat Kid - Voca Me (Sassot Mix) [World of Trance] [Tune of the Week]
12. Selu Vibra - Stargazing (Maor Levi Mix) [Somatic Sense]

See you then!
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Started! ^___^
Full Tracklist posted, nobody is on the forums. Useless to update live. Enjoy!
jedrekmaly said:
Nice opening tune man! Put me right into a good mood.

Thanks :love:

Are you talking about the proglifter track or the c-quence track? (both of which are great great tracks)