2006|07|18 Rank1 - Guest Mix @ afterhours.FM


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May 1, 2006
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Rank1 - Guest Mix @ afterhours.FM 2PM - 3PM EST

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I'll be tuned in for this without a doubt. Sorry I aint done any advertising for it, i've been away for the last few days.
Will be tuned in for sure, but I will be a little late. I will try to help in IDing too =P, unless there is a tracklist already?
Tuned in now
4. Alex Morph vs Rank 1 - Life Less Ordinary
sweet set i love it !!
anyone tunning into under sun summer mix next after this?

under sun
suzy solar
Juan Batista a.k.a Bebop
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Of course, I'm really looking forward to the Under Sun Set!!
5. Freddie Merkury - Love Kills (Rank 1 Extended Vocal Mix)
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5. Freddy Mercury – Love Kills (Rank 1 Vocal Mix)

Mike beat me =P but missing the vocal mix part, tune in to my astrosession to hear the beauty of the dub =]
I love Rank 1, the way they play their sets is amazing. And their Tech is ******* awesome man, woot!
This feels like a Galen Behr Track...