2006|07|21 Mike Noir Pres. Wave Of Sound 006


Jun 4, 2006
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The Show will be broadcasted on Friday at 8 PM - 9 PM (CET)

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The Tracklist will be posted during the set.


1. Rank 1 - Opus 17 (Original Mix) [HIGH CONTRAST]
2. Joonas Hahmo - The Fusion (Original Mix) [AVA]
3. Anna Nalick - Breathe (Blake Jarrell Remix) [CDR] [Tune Of The Week]
4. Arcane - Ice Beach (Brandenburg Tech Remix) [COLDHARBOUR RECORDINGS]
5. Aerium - Dolphins (Serenade Remix) [MOONRISING]
6. C-Quence - Final Thoughts (Galen Behr Remix) [A STATE OF TRANCE]
7. Sean Tyas - Remember (Original Mix) [CDR]
8. Jose Amnesia Vs Shawn Mitiska - My All (Flash Brothers Remix) [COLDHARBOUR RECORDINGS] [Classic Of The Week]
9. Yello - Oh Yeah (Sander Van Doorn Remix) [GANG GO]

Make sure to tune in this week, as well I'm w8ing for the comments to make this show even better:P

Some time ago I have provided something new like Classic Of The Week and Tune Of The Week (of course in my opinion;P from 2005 and older) if someone want to help with chosing next COTW or TOTW send me pm and I will consider it.
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indeed gr8 ch00n :D i hope the rest will like it :D and btw where are the comments huh ? :D:P
i'm sorry, but i have to go.
i gues the remaining part will be as fine as the first half.
Bye all.
Very nice set mike again =] Though for me, I'd pick the fusion as tune of the week =P
thank u dan

edit: LMK, yeah Fusion is gr8 as well but that vocal in breathe has something special donno what...
woot nice one mikey boy ;)