2006|07|24 Magik - Lost In Trance UK 008

Phynn - Oslo (Summerparade 2006 Theme) You got me completely lost
totally 100% :choon:
last one for today, Merkur by Stoneface & Terminal.

for those that missed the show, check back for a download link
gr8 show today magik :O thank u for it :D and i want to invite u to tune in to my show :p on friday :p
Thanx Revel and to all who tuned in ;)

Download link now available on 1st post in this thread!

Enjoy :)
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Looks like i missed it i was in the mall, ill check it on reply... anyway a classic that really cought my eye was Sole Survivor (Ronski Speed Mix) i totally forgot about that track.
just wanted to say very nice set, i enjoyed the ending of it, ill try to replay it for myself :) hehe anywhom very nice keep up the great work.