2006|08|07 DJ Distant Land - Monthly Fresh Tunes 007


May 12, 2006
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DJ Distant Land - Monthly Fresh Tunes 007:

Start Time: 2PM US Eastern / 7PM Or UK / 15:00 Central Europe

01. Yamin feat. Marcie - Blanket Of White (Santerna Remix)
02. Freq - Brazil (Brush Remix)
03. Lens - Dusk Till Dawn (Stalker Remix)
04. Yana Kay - Waiting For Your Love (Alucard Remix)
05. Team SR - Leaving London (Original Mix)
06. Urban Lea - Crystal Dimensions (Original Mix)
07. Afternova - By Your Side (Original Mix)
08. Insigma - Open Your Eyes (Sean Tyas Rework)
09. Skyscraper - Hymn 2006 (Duende's Cala Jondal Remix)
10. Arc In The Sky - Kissed (Narthexx Remix) (Classic)

Enjoy! :)
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Can't wait ^__^
woot im on! :)

Start off with new Santerna remix absolutely amazing with vocals from rock star Marcie!
<3 <3 Nice breakdown, loving the guitar :choon:
tuning in now :)
Sounds like a stalker (niklas harding) track coming. =]
four re-release of a classic tune, amazing vocals and remix by Alucard now on Trancetribe Recordings!
Very Chill track, enjoying it very much :)
Five comes a new track from Signalrunners; personally original mix is better than the remix because nothing really changed from original but some cheap percussion and effects on the vocals.
Cheers bro, keep at it, loving it so far.

;) ~Jorda

Yay thanks for finally tuning in! :)

Six is mega trance tune by Urban Lea, this is what I call real trance! One of my tops at the moment! I first heard it on pedro de mar mix and fell in love with it i had to get it!
:choon: :choon: :choon:
I'm loving the track that is playing now :love:
sounding nice indeed :)