2006|08|19 Jorda presents Rising Energy 014


May 6, 2006
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Jorda presents Rising Energy 014
Welcome to a new episode of my weekly radio show Rising Energy

Starting Times:
04:00 PM-05:00 PM (Canada & US) (EST Time)
09:00 PM-10:00PM (UK GMT)
10:00 PM-11:00 PM (Europe CET)
--(Click this link to check the calender for more details)--

Hi guys, welcome to another episode of Rising Energy. This week will be really energetic with brand new Progressive Trance songs! There's a few that are from a few months back but lots that are getting released very soon! The vibe is flowing very smooth and Progressive this week, (once again), it will surely make you have flashbacks from the nice clubbing experiences that you've all had in the past, hehe. Lets hope that you will all enjoy this week's episode of Rising Energy.

New tracks from:
Leama & Moor
Perry O'Neil
Armin van Buuren
Above & Beyond

...and many more... :)

**Will be posted here in realtime.**​

01. Leama & Moor - Wasting (Original Mix)
02. Perry O'Neil - Bass Society
03. Armin van Buuren feat. Remy & Roland Klinkenberg - Bounce Back
04. Hawk - Need For Cognition (Planisphere Remix)
05. Hammer & Funabashi - Moments
06. Kyau vs. Albert - Are You Fine
07. Armin van Buuren feat. Racoon - Love You More
08. Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (Daniel Kandi Remix)

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Makes me just wanna get up and dance!
niiice tunes Jorda ;)
Thanks everyone for tuning in for this week's new episode of Rising Energy. I appreaciate this as with every week! This is the last song, ending off with nice and chilling, the usual from me if you're fan of my shows. :)

Take care guys, see you all next week for more Rising Energy.