2006|09|01 M.I.D.O.R. - Exclusive Afterhours Show


May 12, 2006
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Exclusive Afterhours show
Date: 1st Friday every month
Time: 5PM - 6PM EST (US & Canada) 10PM - 11PM GMT (UK)

Rutger van Bostelen, better known as M.I.D.O.R., started his musical career at the
age of 12 by taking guitar lessons. His interest in electronic music grew which
resulted in his first set of turntables at the age of 15. After 6 years of guitar lessons
Rutger learned himself to play the piano as well. He became very interested in
making his own electronic dance music and after buying a powerful computer and his
first synthesizer, he started practicing and experimenting with his new found toys.
Influenced by artists such as Ferry Corsten, Marco V and Tiësto, Rutger started to
write his own tracks.

Enjoy! :)


1) Skooma - Intervention
2) Chicago Transit Authority - Being There
3) Dogukan Ires - Mind Control DOs Hyper Edit
4) Joel Armstrong - Silver Moon
5) Rulers Of The Deep - The Last Survivor Extended Mix
6) Degrees Of Motion - Do You Want it Right Now Dub
7) Young Rebels & F Diaz - Ibiza Young Rebels FDs Club Mix
8) Timewriter - Yellow And Blue Frame 15 Mix
9) Marek - Me Chali
10) Jhonny and Peps - Mescalina
11) Ricky Palys and KPAXX - Cold Below Zero
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Here we go guys, have a good one! M.I.D.O.R. is awesome!

He's a Tech Trance / Tech House producer. Very popular in the EDM.

and whàt does Rutger spin :D this is a bit different from the stuff he did with Six4Eight - Cloud City and Beyond Earth, for instance (laughs)

this is like progressive... Eelke Kleijn is more uplifting...
Dude, this song right now is sick. Listen to this build and progression, the gate synth in the background is so dirty!
where can I view a tracklist guys...some of these tracks I just have to own:D
beautiful set as expected ;)
Now THIS is a nice chill song, reminds me of Egypt - loving those vocals!