2006|09|05 Astrosessions 020 - Unsigned Special


May 25, 2006
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LMK Presents... Astrosessions 020
Unsigned Special

It all starts at 1pm PST (8pm GMT). To find out the time in your area, click here.

Astrosessions is going to be taking a break from TOTW for the next 10 weeks and instead will be airing "themed" special mixes. The first one is this unsigned special. I hope you will enjoy it!

Today is ALL unsigned tracks, with exception to the play of the winner of best tune of the week for the past 10 weeks. In addition you will get to hear the exclusive first play of my new production "Damage Control"! I hope you guys will enjoy it and let me know what you think of the track. =]

01. Radiohead - Everything in it's Right Place (Mike Foyle's Intro Mix) [CDR]
02. Sia - Breathe Me (Pillow One's Deep Broken Heart Mix) [CDR]
03. Imogen Heap - Hide and Seek (Snowave Mix) [CDR]
04. RickyM vs. Howard Shore - Evenstar [CDR]
05. Andy French vs. Resident Evil - Sanctuary [CDR]
06. LMK - Damage Control (Original Mix) [CDR] [Exclusive First Air]
07. Sunny Lax - Mira (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats] [Best TOTW Vote Winner]
08. Meridian - Emphase [CDR]
09. LMK - Transistor (Promo Mix) [CDR]
10. Mister M - Pigtech [CDR]

Please support all these great and upcoming artists! If you like one of their tunes find out their websites and send them a kind word. ;)
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Let the unsigned tracks begin =]
Thanks, lovely Miky Foyle remix of Radiohead. He made free available downloads of four versions of this track for those of you who don't know. =]
Great imogen heap remix now =]
Time to get a bit more trancey =]
WOOT!!!! :D I love LOTR Music, this remix rocks! :D

Yep it is a real beauty! I love the atmosphere it gives. :choon:
I have to run to a meeting! T_T, Everyone please let me know wut you think of my new production!
Thanks for all the great comments XDR, glad you liked my production.

See you all next week for another astrosessions! ^_^