2006|09|06: DreamensioN presents Universal Language 003


Universal Language
May 6, 2006
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This month is a VERY SPECIAL Universal Language mix. Tune in on Wednesday, 6th September @ 8pm (Australian Eastern time) on www.ah.fm.


01 - Portishead - Roads (Sultan & The Greek Remix)
02 - Karen Overton - Your Loving Arms (Luca Ricci Tribal Edit)
03 - Luzon - The Baguio Track (Chus and Ceballos Iberican remix)
04 - Dominic Plaza - Welcome to my World
05 - Pirates of the Caribbean - He's A Pirate (Friscia and Lamboy Tribal Tressure Mix)
06 - Ashland - Clear (Stel and Tone Depth remix)
07 - Matt Darey vs Dominic Plaza - Eternally Rushing (DreamensioN Mashup)
08 - Dido - Sand In My Shoes (Steve Lawlers We Love Ibiza mix)
09 - Matthew Dekay - Clearing the Mind (Original mix)
10 - Paul van Dyk feat Wayne Jackson - The Other Side (Deep Dish Other Than This Side remix)
11 - Moby vs. Ava Mea - Lift Me Up in the End (Dave Dresden Mashup)

In this mix I debut my brand new mashup of Matt Darey and Dominic Plaza. This set goes for 80mins exactly, and is a collaboration of a few different sounds of progressive house & trance music.

I start the set out with the haunting sounds of Portishead, followed up by one of my favourite tracks "Your Loving Arms". The vocals of Karen Overton is something you will remember. You'll notice the set starts to head towards a jungle/tribal sound as I mix in "The Baguio Track" by Luzon. Those of you that have been following my mixes long enough will remember this track from Bedroom Sessions 5.

Dominic Plaza's "Welcome to my world" continues the jungle theme as I make the transition into a bit of a spoof track. It's a mix done by Friscia and Lamboy using the "Pirates of the Caribbean" theme music. The set then takes a right hand turn into a deep progressive track called "Clear" by Ashland. I was originally going to use this track in Bedroom Sessions 7 (Disc 1) but I just couldn't seem to fit it anywhere. Well I finally got to use it in this mix.

You'll then hear me fade in my very own mashup track. This is the first mashup I've ever done, so I hope you enjoy it. You might remember I used the track "Dominic Plaza - Sounds Rushing" in Universal Language 001. Well I've taken that track and I've mashed it with "Matt Darey - Eternity (Rueben Chillout Mix)". The end result is what you'll hear :D

To break things up a little I mix in a housey version of Dido's "Sand In My Shoes". From here we transition back into progressive sound with Matthew Dekay, which is then followed up by Deep Dish mix of Paul Van Dyk's track "The Other Side". I used the original version of this on disc 1 of Bedroom Sessions 7.

And finally, to finish the set off - I've used another mashup, this time from Dave Dresden (one half of Gabriel & Dresden). This mashup is done using Moby's "Lift Me Up", and Ava Mea's "In The End".

Note: During "Dominic Plaza - Welcome to my World", there are a couple of times when the track will dip in/out of the right channel - this is part of the original track and is intended. Its not because of anything I've done.

Enjoy this set - and don't forget you can vote for me on The DJ List by clicking this link: http://www.thedjlist.com/vote/?djName=DreamensioN.

Also don't forget to check out my website (http://www.dreamension.net) to download my previous mixes.
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Thanks again for your help Dan!

Sorry to everyone that was tuned in waiting for it. I fked up and encoded it at the wrong sample rate, and thankfully - Dan was able to re-encode it for me.
Nice, i liked that one mate.... good easy listening
bring on the hard trance next.
Hehe, keep missing your show because of the GMT. Shame on Australia! Haha!

Cheers buddy, I'll try to catch this one day... "one day" LOL!