2006|09|07 Revels Radio Show 025


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Jun 26, 2006
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TITLE: Revel`s Radio Show 025
DATE: 07-September-2006

01. Freddie Mercury - Love Kills (Rank1 Extended Vocal Mix) [NotOnLabel]
02. Gabriel & Dresden - Dangerous Power [Organized Nature]
03. U2 - Vertigo (Redanka Remix) [Universal Island]
04. Yello - Oh Yeah Oh Six (Sander Van Doorn Remix) [Universal]
05. Derek Howell - Yah Yah (DJ Remy Mix) [DK Records]
06. Bart Claessen - When Morning Comes (Bart Cleassen Rework) [Yakzua]
07. Super8 - Get Off [Anjuna]
08. Joonas Hahmo - The Fusion (Original Mix) [Ava]
09. Mike Shiver - Morning Drive (Original Mix) [CDR]
10. Emotional Horizons - Mayflower [Conspiracy]
11. Cosmic Gate - Should Have Known (Extended Mix) [Maelstrom]

Lol... nice anniversary ... 025 ... I hope you will enjoye it... :D

Download: http://djrevel.net/DL/RRS_025

PS Comments are welcome ... (as always)
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nice show... :) i prefer last weeks one different type of style this week. but its all good change is good :)
yeah m8... you can say taht RRS_025 isnt really techtrance , energy trance, melodic or progressive. But on the other hand you can say its all mixed togheter... for me its one of my best shows maybe because of that that it really includes all trance types :D glad you liked it... I really appreciate that!
PS Download link posted
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