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2006|09|08 Sebvantech pres. Uk Trance Essentials


Jun 8, 2006
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01. Samuelzone - Intox rox (Sean Tyas remix) [inspired]
02. Hiroyuki Oda - Transmigration [a state of trance ]
03. Madonna - What It Feels Like For A Girl (Above Beyond Club Mix) [maverick]
04. Madonna - Frozen (Sunny Lax Remix) [cd-r]
05. Varian feat.Tyrah Morena - Reach The Light (Original Vocal Mix) [varian music]
06. Cape town - Proglifter (original mix) [bonzai]
07. FabbX - Amsterdam [cd-r]
08. Dj spoke present solar corp-An afternoon in heaven [cd-r]
09. Sunny lax-Mira (original mix) [cd-r]
10. Planet Funk - Chase The Sun (Vardran Bootleg) [cd-r]
11. Woody van Eyden - The 1 (Sonicvibe remix) [fenology records]

Uk Trance Essentials every friday //9PM - 10 PM GMT @ afterhours.fm

What you will hear:

Trance Music on Uk Trance Essentials - listen to trance music with the hottest
artists. Get 100% commercial-free on our show.

If u are looking for epetitious morphing beats, and the throbbing melodies which
would presumably put you into a trance-like state - choose us!!

Take a break in the lounge and wind down with uk trance in a quiet groove.

Take part in our journey through the sounds of trance music!

What we play:

We play music from trance labels such as: anjunabeats, captivating sounds, a state of trance, elevation, enhanced and many more.

Uk Trance Essentials - 100 % Commercial-Free Music.


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:) :) ok I hear now your set :) Trance Music FOREVER :) go SEB ;)
yeaaa Madonna :d I like it in this remix A&B
Seb a dokladniej gdzie mieszkasz :):):) ?? bo ja z Lublina kumpel Mika :p
ja...jestem z Koszalina..ale od pazdziernika przenosze sie do 3 miasta:)
aha :):):):) to Mike pewnie na zywo znasz ;p dobrze miksujesz :)
Lubie vocal trance i za to masz plusa u mnie hehe :p:p:p mysle ze za rok przyjade do Koszalina do Mike to sie jakos wsyzscy ustawimy i pogadamy pogramy itp :):) no a teraz sluchamy dalej :):):
heh...nie mam problemu...niech mike da mi znac....a ja przyjade nawet z Gdańska:)
06. Cape town - Proglifter (original mix) [bonzai]

A great tune! Love it...