2006|09|11 Magik Presents Lost In Trance Episode 015

leo_g-supersonic__martin_roth_remix :love:
Haha..I mostly move my head. o0
lol, my ass just keeps moving, cant' make it stop :D

well its either something you ate....or its the tunes heheeh :P
Lets see if he goes uplifting.. i hope
Thanx to you all for tuning in ;)

Come back again next week for more Lost In Trance!

Thx Magik for another wonderful episode...now im gonna wait for the dload link and catch the beginning of it ;)
loved the set,and as always you have done great:)

thanks for your mix full of awesome choonies

see you soon

cya all :)
:love: Weeii thx Magic...
I think im in love with the dj after hearing your sets..:)
Oh man, I'm flying... what a great tune!

(I just wish I knew which one it was :( )

02. DJ Fire - The Closest Thing To Heaven (Trance Mix)

onto track 3 now....check the 1st page for the full playlist!

OMG Magik, you're killing me with this set <3