2006|09|12 Hawk pres The Natural Selections 001


Sep 11, 2006
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Hey all!

Alright, this is my first show here on AfterHours, so I thought that I had to do something special.
I figured out that I'll do a 100% "Hawk" set. This means only tracks and remixes by me.
The show will be on at 20:00 GMT (check the schedule for your timezone etc), and I'll try to post the tracklist here while it's on.

So tune in tomorrow to check out what this "Hawk" guy is all about :)

Hawk pres The Natural Selections 001 on Afterhours.fm

1. Joonas Hahmo - The Fusion (Hawk Remix) [AVA]
2. Bakke & Joni - Bali (Hawk remix) [Enhanced Progressive]
3. Hawk - Need For Cognition (Original mix) [Anjunadeep]
4. Under Sun ft Mark Otten - Capoeira (Hawk Remix) [ASOT]
5. Hawk pres Air Breeze - Butterfly (Original mix) [Enhanced]
6. Hawk- You're Mine [CDR]
7. Hawk aka HKN - Limitations of Language [CDR]
8. Hawk pres Air Breeze - Guide me the way (Original mix) [Enhanced]

Hawk aka Air Breeze/Hkn
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Nice, glad to see a country-fellow here... and a great producer ;)
Can't wait for this Mr. Tiesto, ;). Hahaha I'm just joking around, cheers mate.
Can't wait! :)
Whos next? :p
Seeing as I've loved practically everything you've done, I too can't wait ;)

Have a great show!
tuned in, best remix of fusion for a start...nice:choon:
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little bit quiet here?:call:
was there a mistake about GMT or smth :dontknow:

anyway, I'm enjoying it :meloman:
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No mistake made its 21:00 GMT now and its over :p
Lots of new hawk songs. This set is great!
damn great great tunes...6. Hawk- You're Mine [CDR] > hopefully it'll be released in someday:love:
Must've been good. I didn't have the time to tune in, sorry Hawk! :(