2006|09|18 Trance Mix Mission 73.06 with Macarius & T4L


Jun 26, 2006
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T4L will be the guest dj for Trance Mix Mission 73.06, Make sure you tune in for some great tunes from Macarius & T4L!!!!

It All Starts Monday September 18th @ 12pm EST.

Trance Mix Mission 73.06 with Macarius & T4L

Macarius In The Mix

01 Airwave - Ladyblue (1992 Flight) [Bonzai/PROMO]
02 Antidote - Transcentral (Electrotech Mix) [Progrez/PROMO]
03 Detacher - In It (Original Vocal Mix) [Camouflage/PROMO]
04 Just Timberlake - Sexy Back (Randy Boyer's Dirty Sex Dub Mix) [CD-R]
05 System K - Cairo Nights [Backlash Muzik/PROMO]

06 Envio - For You (Sunlounger Mix) [ASOT]

07 RNM - Stargliding [Total Digital Recordings/PROMO]
08 Armin van Buuren Feat. Racoon - Love You More [Armind]
09 Sequentia - Innuendo [Six Thirty Records]
10 Ilka - Northern Lakes [Bonzai/PROMO]
11 Nomen Nescio - Double 01 (Van Gelder Mix) [Total Digital Recordings/PROMO]
12 Velvet Girl - A New Dawn [Bonzai/PROMO]

T4L Guest Mix

1. Rocco Mundo & Onno - Mainstream Medicine [Dekay Records]
2. Gabriel Batz – Fendahl [Club Elite]
3. 4 Strings - Take Me Away 2006 (Purple Haze Remix) [Spinnin]
4. M.I.K.E. vs Andrew Bennett - Into The Danger (Original Mix) [Club Elite]
6. Solid Haze vs Milez - Reduxed (Robert Burns Remix) [In Trance WE Trust Promo]
7. John O' Callaghan - Elevator Dance-Off [Midway Records]
8. T4L – Maximus [In Trance WE Trust Promo]
9. Bart Claessen - When The Morning Comes [Yakuza]
10. Ekon – Skywalker [In Trance WE Trust Promo]
11. T4L - Anno Domini [In Trance WE Trust Promo]
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choons choons choons!!!....nice voiceovers too hehe, i need me some of those lol
Cant wait for t4l to play. Hi all btw :)

Sounds well :)
Love you more :love:
I know you love me magik <3
:| ... dunno , Batz aint my coup of tea, im more of a o'neil-ish cat myself :)
woaaa this is a really scary tune selection right here :crazy:
This Is The Shizzzzzzzzzzz !!!! Elevator Dance-off Ftwwwww !!!!!!!!
T4L is doing hott!