2006|09|20 Mark Ottiz Presents travelling epissode 010 show starts at 2 pm pacific


Jun 30, 2006
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another week another great show !! :ah: stay tuned show starts at 2 pm with some exclusive tracks and great music !

i will be posting the track list once the show kicks off take care ! :D
yoo im the 1st one to reply!! mhauha!

Chillin start. Nice beat.
hmm.. I hear 2 beats playing trough eachother ^^

How is this mixed? Not with real Desks though.
Marko, where ever you are.. You need to disable the equalizer -___-
Good set MarkO. Flows well...although I did hear one long break....I thoroughly enjoyed your selection of music and the way you fused/blended those together was pretty clever!! Very good. See ya next week if I can...

Stay great!!

for laan this mix was done in real decks and it was a live set that i had from last week at rain so i cut the set thats why some parts are kinda cut off i suck at editing and cuting mixes so im sorry
but anyways here is the tracklist
1- Alex M.O.R.P.H and Woddy van eyden - heavenly
2 - Insigma - Open your eyes ( sean tyas piano mix)
3 - Mike K vs Mark Pledger - Ultraviolet
4 - unknown mix unknown track
5 - John O`callaghan - Chameleon ( Thomas Datt remix)
6 - Frerry Corsen - StarTraveller (original mix)
7 - Dumonde - I feel you ( 2006 mix )
8 - Fred Baker vs Greg Nash - Solar Eclipse
9 - Kai Del Noi - Andromeda