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2006|09|24 Aafik presents BaltiConceptions Episode 011


Jun 12, 2006
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2006|09|24 Aafik presents BaltiConceptions Episode 011
Tracklist: (will be posted here in realtime)

1) Ohmna - People Get Lost (Original Mix) [CyberRecords]
2) Alex Monakhov - Feel Lonely (Original Mix) [Coldharbour]
3) Richard Durand - Sunhump 2006 [Terminal 4]
4) Leama & Moor Feat. Jan Johnston - Waiting (Original Mix) [Lost Language]
5) Ozgur Can feat. Nick Beman - Not Even Winds (Original Mix) [Electronic Elements]
6) Markus Schulz presents Elevation - Clear Blue (Original Mix) [Electronic Elements]
7) Alex Stealthy feat. D-Fuse - Deploring Everything With You (Soliquid's Mashup) [CDR]
8) Bebop feat. Dao - Venue 96 (Elevation Remix) [Dub Tech]
9) Sassot pres. Broken Toys - Crossover (Original Mix) [Solar]

Download link: http://aafik.msn.ee/BaltiConceptions
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track #3...that's what I call meloproggy :p

Edit: or was it two? :(
thanx for tuning in boys & girls:) lot's of massive choons today...hopefully u :love: them too:choon:
well...last tune pumping:choon: glad u found some time again for afterhours.fm ... i'll add download link a bit later, 6 days & 23 hours left for ep012, cya:)
Once again an amazing set... I enjoyed in every minute of it! :-D


Big kiss from Croatia!!!