2006|09|30 Robbie Schwan - In Trance We Trust 020


May 14, 2006
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Robbie Schwan - In Trance We Trust 020

07:00 PM-08:00 PM (Canada & US) (EST Time)
012:00 AM-01:00AM (UK GMT)
01:00 AM-02:00 AM (Europe CET)

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Hello and welcome to big ol' episode 20 of ITWT. Big day today, Polonia In The Mix all day long, awsome tunes! Now, I'm tasked with cleaning it all up :D. So, I hope everyone enjoys the show and, leave feedback, positive or negative.. it all counts. Cheers guys


01. Ohmna - People Get Lost

02. Cosmic Gate - Guess Who?
03. Ahead - 3Gether
04. Marco V - Any Better, Or..
05. Cosmic Gate - Consciousness
06. Redshift Van Der Vleuten - Blue Mountain (Original Mix)
07. Leon Bolier Pres. Supresa - Poseidon
08. Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (Sean Tyas Remix)
09. Kuffdam & Plant - Meltdown (Ian Betts Remix)
10. Nyx - One Divided City
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TUNED Go Robbie!

hey robbie.. im TUNED in too, loving the music so far
sick set too by the way. I loved, 09. Kuffdam & Plant - Meltdown (Ian Betts Remix) :choon: :choon: :choon:
very nice show robbie keep it up

THanks man.

Thanks for tuning in everyone. It was a late show this week due to Polonia in the mix, which rocked the radio station.. tough act to follow. Thanks for coming out guys
Robbie, awsome show dude. Your quickly becoming one of my favourites on this station, gets me pumped for saturday nights. You made a fan outta me lol, and u can expect me out every week
awsome man, glad to have u out each week and, thanks for all the kind words. I appreciate it :)