2006|10|07 Jorda presents Rising Energy (Is now put on hold)


May 6, 2006
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Hey guys.

I'm really tired right now so I'm going to finish this very quickly. It's been an awesome 20 weeks with you guys and I've been hosting this show since AH first launched in May, but sadly, I do not have time to host a radio show weekly anymore. For now, it will be on hold and I'll be doing mixes for speacial events only. JUST for now. When I have the time to contribute and host a radio show again, you will see this thread up and running again. ;)

Maybe you'll miss me and my show, or maybe you're happy that I'm gone with it. But nonetheless, take care guys. I'll be back sooner or later. For now, I'll be doing my job on AfterHours and keeping it clean. Music / Radio show is coming back when I have the time again. If you really loved my show then it would be nice of you and I would feel happy that you post your feelings. It's up to you though, doesn't matter to me. If you thought it was garbage music every week, then be straight forward and tell me that my show was garbage. It's up to you man, be honest.

Again, take care, have a nice day, week, night, blah blah blah. I'm tired man, lol. Have a good one! KEEP THE TRANCE IN YOU & KEEP UP THE ENERGY!

Much love,
:ah: :choon:
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sad to hear buddy ;(. Hopefully ur not out of the game for too long
aww well you can do 2 times a month or once ... just do one.
what you think?

I enjoyed your shows and so did many other people, dont just stop making them.
Thats my opinion but i respect yours.