2006|10|12 Revels Radio Show 030


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Jun 26, 2006
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Revel`s Radio Show 030


01. Leon Bolier feat. Elsa Hill - No Need To Come Back (Club Mix) [ASOT]
02. 4 Strings - Take Me Away 2006 (Purple Haze Remix) [Liquid]
03. Envio - For You (Sunlounger Remix) [ASOT]
04. Solid Sessions - Janeiro 2006 (San & Sebastian Remix) [Fektive]
05. Estiva pres. Sunover - Everlasting Memories [Enhanced]
06. Redshift Van Der Vleuten - Blue Mountain (Activa Remix) [CD-R]
07. Super8 & DJ Tab - Won't Sleep Tonight (Moody Dub Mix) [Anjuna]
08. York - Farewell To The Moon (Airwave Remix) [CD-R]
09. Maarten Hercules - Harmonics (Elluna vs. Jon O'Bir Remix) [ProgrEnhanced]
10. Paul Van Dyk feat. Wayne Jackson - The Other Side (Deep Dish Remix) [Vandit]
11. Perry O'Neil - South West Saga [ElectronicElements]
Mixed live using Vinyl & CD. Total Time 60:36

Download link needed ? Here it is - http://www.djrevel.net/DL/RRS_030
C ya next week... i hope You will tune in!
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super starcik..

nowosci.. House kanal jusz jest w robocie :)
narazie bardzo fajnie :)

co do kanału house to mi to obojętne bo nie przepadam, wolałbym techno :)
Thank you finally someone played Everlasting Memories! :love: :choon:
BTW Everlasting Memories is signed to Enhanced Recordings if your wondering what label.
not a fan of super8 and tab new one sounds like helsinki scorchin' with bad vocals.