2006|10|18 Config pres. Retrovisions 007


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Jun 23, 2006
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Hi and welcome to the 7th episode of Retrovisions ;)
Today i got some nice progressive trance and uplifting trance for you; and of course the AH-favourite and Classic of the week ;)
For once i'll do a few minimal voiceovers too, just because i wanted to try it sometime :) (sounds rather gay cause i just woke up when i did those voiceovers , lol :D )
it's gonna be crazy for sure, so tune in, cause i got a very very exclusive nice uplifting trancer for you guys and i'm sure you'll love it ;)
My show is up right after Manuel Le Saux, so make sure you tune in right on time if you don't want to miss the best of trance nowadays ;)


1. Chicane feat. Maire Brennan - Saltwater (Original Mix) [Classic Of The Week]
2. Miguel Sassot - Where It All Begun
3. Chuck Luis - Collision
4. Spekuless - Pagara (Original Mix)
5. Koris vs Djule - Orange Dub (Mesh Remix) [Afterhours Favourite]
6. Jonas Steur - Sonrisa
7. Alt+F4 - Alt+F4 (Original Mix)
8. ID - ID
9. A.T.P - Driftations (Original Mix) [Future Favourite]

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:) its on
I like how some of your are doing intros!!! very nice i like it alot
I'm also really enjoying the show so far, but we all know it's going to get even better :)
AH.fm :love: I love this radio :)