2006|10|25 Dave Nadz presents Moments Of Trance 003


Sep 8, 2006
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Dave Nadz present Moments Of Trance​


Episode 003
Wednesday, october 25th

EST : 20:00 - 21:00
GMT : 01:00 - 02:00
CET : 02:00 - 03:00

Be sure to tune in for this third episode. Exclusive Mashup and a brilliant prod from rising producer Ian Holing , this is going to be a massive uplifting show :choon:

Tracklisting providing during the show:ah:

1. Activa vs Matt Abott - Liquefaction (Original mix) SOMATIC SENSES
2. Javah - One By One (Cyrex Remix) REDUX RECORDINGS
3. Larousse feat Spoiled Kid - Prosperous (Original Mix) MOONRISING
4. Andre Visior – Skyline (Original mix) BREEZE
5. Nomen Nescio - Double 01 (Van Gelder Remix) TOTAL DIGITAL
5. True Form - Forbidden Colors (Sean Tyas Rework) ASOT
6. Estiva vs Super8 & Dj Tab -Stella Wont Sleep Tonight [Kupelian's Moody Anthem] EXCLUSIVE !
7. Ian Holing - Blue Wave (Original mix) MOONRISING EXCLUSIVE !!!! :choon:
8. Ronski Speed - The Space We Are (JohnO'Callaghan Remix) EUPHONIC
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Ohhh nice... what a show !!!! Great new stufff... ian holing tune ROCKS !! Congratulation D.Nadz !! :)
Épatant, encore une fois

Comme mon titre l'inquide, Dave Nadz nous propose encore une fois un beau moments dans l'univers du trance ! Félicitation

For those who don't understand french : I said earlier that dave Nadz is totaly awesome ! so think about voting for him on www.thedjlist.com
I was blown out of my seat!!! You are the TRANCE MESSENGER of GOD!!!
I'm really looking forward to your next set because I know I won't be dissapointed. You've got the wind in your sails....don't stop now!!!