2006|11|02 DJ Revel pres. Revel's Radio Show


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Jun 26, 2006
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2006|11|02 DJ Revel pres. Revel's Radio Show 033


>> TITLE: Revel`s Radio Show 033
>> DATE: 02-November-2006
01. E_Craig - Home (212 Vocal Mix) [Reset]
02. Marco V - Any Better, Or? [InCharge]
03. Matthew Dekay & Roob V - Dubio [Solar]
04. 4 Strings - Take Me Away (Purple Haze Remix) [Liquid]
05. Envio - For You (Sunlounger Remix) [ASOT]
06. Under Sun - Capoeira (Hawk Remix) [ASOT]
07. Super8 & DJ Tab - Won't Sleep Tonight (Original Mix) [Anjuna]
08. Deepwide - Kastanja (Original Mix) [MonsterPure]
09. Oceanlab - Satellite (Original Above & Beyond Mix) [Euphonic]
10. Marco V - Simulated (Marco's V.ision Mix) [Superstar] // personal fav
>> Mixed live using Vinyl >> Total Time 60:00 >>

>> Download: http://djrevel.net/DL/RRS_033/ cheers!

Comments are welcome... :ah:
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tuned in :)
nice beginning
E-Craig-Home what a massive tune one of my all time favorites:love:
<3 <3 <3 <3 another massive choon right now,I have to stop doing paperwork and be all ears
you're playing great DjRevel way to go;)
if a dj plays great as you're playing,it's my pleasure listening to his/her set and pay attention,no matter if his/her name is not armin or tiesto or so,,,Afterhours.fm radio got so many awesome dj's and I could spend all my time here listening to

answering to your question about the avatar,the pic is me in a good day..lol:)

btw this is another :choon: awesome tune,even more awesome vocals,I am tempted to sing along now
beautiful 60 minutes,really enjoyed your set,thank you for the great music
cheers ;)