2006|11|04 Progressive Force 006 W/ Dj Sentinel


May 31, 2006
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Hey guys, this next episode of Progressive Force is one of a few transition episodes. I am currently working on exchanging Progressive Force with my new show Trancectomy. The show will highlight mostly indie tracks and will also be available in podcast format after the show airs. Hopefully this transition will be done around or after December. Enjoy Progressive Force/Trancectomy Transition Episode 1 ;-D

Dan, I will be talking with you more about this transition I hope to make. All it really means is that I extend my contract through next year and that I rename the show Trancectomy. No time changes so it should be really easy ;-) Thanks for your help with the show thus far!

Finalized! The Official Trancectomy Show will start the first Saturday of December!

Tracklist -> Posted During Show

1. Fleeticer - Frozen Fields (Fleeticer Mix)
2. DJ Sentinel - It's Not Fear (Original Mix)
3. Harris B. - Ultra Strings (Original Mix)
4. DJ Sentinel - Babylon (Original Mix)
5. Kudeskin & Prise - Starway (Original Mix)
6. DJ Tiesto - Forever Today (DJ Cube Mix)
7. DJ Sentinel - Linau Six (Original Mix)
8. Andy B - Time To Rest (Original Mix)

Podcast avaliable for download @ http://www.djsentinel.irc.su/trancectomy/trancectomy.html

Tune in on the 3rd Saturday of the month for the last of two transition episodes. 8 new tracks!
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Good show so far, even though I only managed to tune in for the last 25 minutes.
55 min? next time do it 60 cause it messes up the playlist :(

late! I missed the whole set, I will listen it in REPLAY:(