2006|11|08 T4L Presents Main Room

Maori - Destruct is one of the best "Main Room" stuff :super:
thanks for the compliment about Split nice to see that you like it :p:
Thanks to all the people that heard our first set on Afterhours.... thanks to all especially to Manuel Le Saux , Dan for the patience and my friend Wism and obviouly to all the guys that was connected :)

.....See you the next wednasday.....

In Trance We Trust.....:super:
Awesome set...you were on when I tuned in...and I had to stop moving around the house and wonder "Who the hell is that doing this show...it rocks!"--- Great job T4L!!
catching a replay now

Dan thanks for the replay of T4L's Main Room! This is the best! :super: Do I see Jonas Steur's name in their track list? :love: :super: I love his music!
Totally awesome set! WOAH...downloads available??? he he. :idea: