2006|11|10 Adrian Orellano Pres Sub Sounds 001


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May 1, 2006
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Adrian Orellano Presents Subsounds
Every 2nd Friday
10:00 - 12:00 EST
15:00 - 17:00 GMT
16:00 - 18:00 CET
first show !! tracklist will be posted after show.
this is a great show ... adrian put alot of time into it. GJ Adrian.
Yeah good work!
ch00000000nd! :Đ
Stoneface & terminal!

Kuffdam & Plant feat. Terry Ferminal - The Ones We Loved

Adrian Orellano: Sub Sounds

1-Armin van Buuren feat Herman brood – Saturday night (club mix)
2-luminary - Dark eyes (gift remix)
3-Jose mnesia Feat Jennifer Rene - Louder (Blake Jarrell's Remix)
4-Amnesia brothers - Immersion
5-Freek Geuze pres_Gues – Signs (Latigidi Sees Signs Mix)
6-S-Tune - Urban Silence (Rein De Vries Remix)
7-Opus III - It's A Fine Day (Dj Orkidea Remix)
8-Mark Pledger - On The Edge (Mike Shiver remix)
9-Tenthu – Essencia (Capsula remix)
10-Gabriel and Dresden feat Jan Burton - Dangerous power (kuffdam and plant remix)
11-Mike Koglin vs. p.o.s. – Untitled audio
12-Carabella Behr vs Orjan mix
13-Alex Morph & Woody Van Eyden feat. Jimmy H - Y68
14-Stoneface & Terminal - Another Day
15-Sunny Lax - Mira (Daniel kandi remix)
16-Greg Downey - Vivid_Intent (Giuseppe Ottaviani vs Marc Van Linden)
17-Kuffdam & Plant feat. Terry Ferminal - The Ones We Loved
18-Kai Del Noi - Beyond Doubt (Sean Tyas Remix)
19-Sequentia – Innuendo (ian betts mix)