2006|11|18 Kupelian Pres. Ecstatic Music :: Guest Nick Pilon


Jun 12, 2006
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Hello Everyone...
Tomorrows show will air from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM on your favourite radio... :ah:
With an exclusive guest mix by non other then montreal's number 1 trance dj Nick Pilon
Hope you enjoy the show...

Its all Montreal <3 Ecstatic Music tomorrow... :)

last show was excellent - looking forward to this one

followed by a more urgent track - very nice to
and the steady beat goes on and on - quite good
slightly heavy intro - then down to a very nice beaty track
this is the best track so far, well to me it is. like it a lot
nice tapping beat intro - building up and then down again - this

track after time developed into a very good track
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nice restful set with an outstanding track in it.

thanx dereklangold for all the support...
get ready for nick's set now...

Kupelian Presents Ectatic Music E03

1. Armin Van Buuren & Rank 1 Feat. Kush - This World Is Watching Me (Original Mix)
2. G Emery & M Dedross Pres Wirefly - The Verdict (Original Mix)
3. Gabriel & Dresden Feat. Jan Burton - Dangerous Power (G&D Extended Mix)
4. Perry Oneil - Wave Force (Original Mix)
5. Ronski Speed - The Space We Are (Original Mix)
6. Perry Oneil - Rush (Original Mix)
7. Benz & Md - Redline (Original Mix)
8. Rouzbeh Delavari - Think Inspiration (Ozgur Can Remix)
9. Filterheadz - Blue Sky Happiness (Original Mix)