2006|11|25 Ian Holing - Mind Trance 002


May 29, 2006
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Hello people!
Is time for the second edpisode of my show! and Today we have 3 exclusive tracks and lots of promos from T4L, JPL (Ljungqvist), Algarve (Selu Vibra), Emphased Reality, me, and many more!! One track onf mine and one premium guestmix from Storyteller

Today is the second episode of my show on afterhours!

some info at:
Download an Ian Holing Track here: Cj Stone - Storm (Elianh Remix)

Ian Holing tracklist were updated in realtime:

*00 Introduction
*01 Emphased Reality - ID [EXCLUSIVE!]
*02 S.E.C - From Here To Nowhere (Algarve Remix) [Cellection Music]
*03 Mr Sam - Split (T4L Remix) [Black Hole] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*04 JPL - Your Whole Life (Ljungqvist Remix) [TBA]
*05 Volt - No Limits (Original Mix) [Real Music] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*06 Kamil Polner - Soul Cure (Original Mix) [Alter Ego] [TRACK OF THE MONTH]
*07 Northern Project - Euclidean Axiom (Original Mix) [Diverted]
*08 Emotional Horizons - Ocean Queen (Original Mix) [CD-R] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*09 Serenade - Greatest Desire (Original Mix) [TBA] [EXCLUSIVE!]
*10 Dopy vs Ian Holing - Resilient (Original Mix) [TBA]
*11 Six Senses pres. Electronic Nova - Cosmic Belt (Original mix) [Infrasonic]

And Today our guest is... Storyteller

Storyteller tracklist:

1. Graham & Blades - Funky Summa
2. ID - ID
3. C-Jay and Eelke Kleijn - Daglicht(16 Bit Lolita's Dub)
4. Benz & MD - Open Bar
5. Perry O'Neil - Rush
6. PoisonPro - 21 Year Later
7. Bart van Wissen - More Fun
8. Mercurio - X Cream (Chris Micali's Up And Atdem Mix)
9. David West - Suffering Island (Joonas Hahmo Mix)
10. Jaytech - Starbright (Jaytech's Touch Your DJ Mix)

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Hey all!
I hope you will like my track :)
Thanx Ian for the support
Kamil Polner - Soul Cure (Original Mix)
Great Tune..!!!!!
Emotional Horizons - Ocean Queen (Original Mix)
Cool tune there ;)