2006|11|26 Dj Superior Presents - Energetic Field 013

Dj Superior

May 28, 2006
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Energetic Field 013

Hey, been a long time, here is a new set for you guys :)
Theme this week is hard/progressive! :super:

USA & Canada 1pm - 3pm (GMT-5)
UK 6pm - 8pm (GMT)
Europe 7pm - 9pm (CET)

Like always tracklist will be updated in realtime...

01: Dave 202 - Generate The Wave (Fabio Stein's Crasher remix) [Silicon]
02: Edin Bosnjak - Blue Horizons (Original Mix) [Total Digital]
03: P.H.A.T.T. & Solar Scape - Promise (P.H.A.T.T.'s Epic mix) [Monster Hard]
04: Technojoe - World Of Mystery (Titus Big Room club mix) [Sony BMG]
05: Veracocha - Carte Blanche (Kenny Hayes remix) [Positiva]
06: Alphazone - Flashback (Nish remix) [CDR]
07: Ray Burton feat. Titus - BaRock Me [Sony BMG]
08: Carl B - Radiance [Somatic Sense]
09: 2-Trance - In My Dreams (original mix) [Novascape]
10: Joni feat. Kate Smith - Undivided (Jpl club mix) [Asgard]

And like always, comments are more than welcome... Don't matter if its negative or positive.. just bring 'em :)
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tuned in :)
very nice beginning :super:
fantastic, energetic set so far :super:
thanks, glad you like it Fevon :)

Yeah, its been abit hard melodic untill now, slows down now ;)
Ok, thats it folks... See you all next time, hope you enjoyed the set :)
that was a great energetic set!!!
thats what i call a great hard trance!!!
including some great techno beats
ty for this great set
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