2006|11|27 Total Digital Sessions

Many appolgies our dear host but we are busy producers here and we just forgot about it, i blame myself, anyways, hope you guys enjoy the show, we bust are bums trying to give you a great monthly show altho we seem to forget to start a topic, oopsie!

Anyways so far you've heard :

Lihnn :

RNM - Stargliding (Marninx Remix) [TDR]
Mark Eteson - ID (Dub Mix) [OML]
ID - ID :p
ID - ID :p
Fire & Ice - Let There Be Light (Primer Remix)
Cosmic Gate - Should Have Known (Dub Mix)
Bart Claessen - When Morning Comes
ID - ID :p
Maori - Destruct

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lol, well it sounds ok :)
Fire & Ice - Let There Be Light (Primer Remix) \o/ sweet!