2006|11|28 Sander van Doorm November

pity cant listen to this brilliant set from a brilliant mixer

gotta a prior commitement.

have a great one.

cool set, been tuned in since it began

sander rocks

Playlist “Identity mix” November:

  • Âme – Rej [Defected]
  • Eric Prydz – Proper Education [White]
  • Patzoo – Twisted Tweak (Marco V remix) [In Charge]
  • Oxia – Domino [Komex]
  • TBA – Grasshopper (SVD Remix) [White]
  • Carl Cox – K’Pasa [Intec]
  • Bolier & Coenraad – The Mighty Ducks [United]
  • Precursor – Lyra (Leon Bolier remix) [White]
  • Ronald van Gelderen – Realize (Sander van Doorn Fillthy edit) [High Contrast]
  • Santiago Niňo – Poseidon [White]
  • Jesselyn – Distance [Silicon]
  • TBA – TBA [White]
  • Pedro Delgado – Hypnose [White]
  • Technotronic – Pump Up The Jam (Maori remix) [bootleg]
  • Jesselyn – Contact [Silicon]
  • Tiësto & Maxi Jazz - Dance 4 Life (Sander van Doorn remix) [Blackhole]
one heck of a playlist sad i missed it :( hope there will be a replay soon. hey dan don't want to be a prick but the topic is named "sander van doorm" and not "sander van doorn" :p
I d/l this and must say I was not impressed at all.

first few tracks were - no comment.

last track was great - we all know it - so no probs

but for a giant like he is to turn out a set as bad

as he did was ...no comment. IMO

Shoot me down. I am really being polite in my post

a different post was produced and discarded.

sorry - and I am a fan so its not like I have an axe

to grind, and also I have been waiting for this set

which has taken ages to arrive anywhere - before

you do shoot me, play SVD Identity Oct and see what

I mean.

how did i miss this? :(