2006|11|30 Under Sun Pres. The Sound of Scandinavia 009

Any other opinions on the show? :captain:

Thursday, 06:19 PM #21
Just got here

S-B is online now
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* happy welcome at afterhours.fm forums S-B ! *
Missed the show had to work but d/l anyway but

no track list?

sounds like you had a great time.

I heard all of the show from out of my bed :p: I was tired sitting on my pc seat.

Lovely last hour =P
Ok mates, here´s the tracklist:

1st Hour with Marcus Schössow

1. Robbie Williams - Rudebox (Perry O'Neil Remix) [CD-R]
2. TBA - TBA [CD-R]
3. The Fearless - Comalapa (Original Mix) [Fektive]
4. Steve Allen feat. Stella Grant - When The Sun Goes Down (Aurosonic Vocal Remix) [CD-R]
5. Igoda - In The Clouds (Original Mix) [Sevensenses]
6. TBA - TBA [CD-R]
7. Jussi Polet - Live Love Die (Original Mix) [CD-R]
8. TBA - TBA [CD-R]

2nd Hour with Sebastian Brandt

01. estiva - clouds dissolve [white]
02. lost witness vs sassot - whatever [white]
03. tenthu - essencia (capsula remix) [KYR]
04. airwave - people just don't care (airwave remix) [bonzai progressive]
05. aurosonic - starfall [white]
06. carl b - chasing leaves [white]
07. under sun vs signum - captured (sebastian brandt remix) [ASOT]
08. internal front - pilgrim (eddie sender remix) [aurora]
09. danny oliveira - drop it (under sun remix) [discover]
Thanks for the track list - brilliant stuff