2006|12|03 DJ Anna Lee pres. CLUB-STYLES #002

Anna Lee

Oct 26, 2006
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2006|12|02 DJ Anna Lee pres. CLUB-STYLES #002!!!


1. Arksun "Arisen" (Original mix)
2. Luminary "Dark Eyes" (Funabashi Pres Tom Porcell mix)
3. E Mortal "Days on End"
4. FILO & Peri feat. FISHER "Ordinary Moment" (Main mix)
5. Activa "Forever Again"
6. Cressida & Kris O'Neil feat Marc Starr "Starsight" (Jazpers Give Me A Groove remix)
7. Mike Foyle "Shipwrecked" (John O Callaghan vs. Mike Foyle remix)
8. Oliver Prime "Hesitated"
9. Luminary "Amsterdam" (Smith and Pledger remix)
10. Mike Shiver "Morning Drive" (Original mix)
11. Hydroid vs Galen BEHR "Carabella" (Galen Behr vs Orjan Nilsen remix)
12. Fractal Structure "Coloured Melody" (Abbott and Chambers remix)
13. Miikka Leinonen Pres Denver "End of Days" (Original Vocal mix)
14. Mike Koglin vs. P.O.S. "Untitled Audio" (Original mix)
15. Mike Shiver & Marc Damon "Water Ripples" (Mike Shiver`s Catching Sun Mix)
16. Sasha Da Link "High Tension" (Original mix)
17. Krivi "Emotional tracks"
18. Stoneface & terminal "Another day"
19. Temple 1 "Silent Nature"
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this was a great set, caught it from the second hour on.. great work
unfortunately i had no connection to ah server (i don't know why) & can`t listen this mix((( anyway the tracklist is great. as usual ;)
anna lee is ukrainian
i`m from ukraine too
I was able to listen to this fine mix. Enjoyed it alot. Indeed very Club Style that you wanna hear ;)
Oliver Prime "Hesitated <3

Anna Lee on air! r e p l a y :love:
Replay is on now - great sound at the moment missed start of set not
sure if its E Mortal or Filo and Peri - yes its Filo and Peri - of course it
could be anyone - awesome sound anyway
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great track - sound excellent loads of clear volume
must get this set from the start next time - brilliant stuff