2006|12|05 Astrosession 031


May 25, 2006
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LMK Presents... Astrosessions 031
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It all starts at 1pm PST (8pm GMT). To find out the time in your area, click here.

01. Jose Amnesia vs Solarstone - Speak Louder (LMK's Bootleg Mashup) [CDR]
02. Lange vs Gareth Emery - Another You, Another Me (Terranova & Austin Leeds Mix) [Vandit]
03. Johan Gielen - Revelations (Filterheadz Mix) [TFY]
04. Cara Dillon vs 2Devine - Black is the Colour (Coco & Green Mix) [Anjunabeats]
05. Kay Stone - Alone (Mind One's Edged Beat Mix) [Mondo]
06. Snow Patrol - Chasing Cars (Luke Terry Mix) [CDR]
07. Greg Downey - Vivid Intent (Original Mix) [Discover]
08. Boiler & Coenraad - Mohawk (Original Mix) [Intuition]
09. Mac & Mac - Rippin' Base (Scott Mac Mix) [Reset]
10. Boiler & Coenraad vs Marcel Woods - Accelerated Ducks (LMK's Bootleg Mashup) [CDR]

See you then!
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will have to post tomorrow - sorry - was looking forward to you show as well.
Have a great one - with you in spirit
I will be featuring two brand new mashup's today, so be sure to tune in ;)
started =]
shame I can't dance tonight,but I like lots and lots what I am hearing:)
Filterheadz did beautiful work on the remix too =]
Global Experience Mix is awesome as well. And the original.. :D But Filterheadz mix is my favorite
Black is the colour, this may be played many times by everyone, but I still love it =]
I'm tuned! pretty good sound atm
Welcome to the show laan =]
My favorite mix of chasing cars now =]
Hmm? What happened?