2006|12|08 Angelo Mike & John Hetmond presents Sentence Sessions

John Hetmond

Oct 2, 2006
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Tonight at 8 PM CET tune in on AfterHours.Fm!
You can't miss the great set from ANGELO MIKE!
Tonight a lot of the newest tracks , brilliant mixing technique and ... belive me it will be one of the best sets you've heard this year!

Of course , only for you Sentence Sessions @ AfterHours.Fm

Your weekly host
:) John Hetmond :)
Heh Chris :) Present !
I can't miss Jarek's set :) Karen Overton in Markus Schulz rmx mmmm.........
nice tunes right now :D your lovin' arms and now louder nice nice :O
original :) I love this vocal...

174 listeners :] keep it up Angelo Mike & John Hetmond :)

hi ! yes it's very sympathethic <3 ! I like much :super: :super: :super: ! congratulations Poland ! :party: :iagree:
Yeah... Angelo is one of the best in Poland ... He loves progressive
Cheers to everyone on afterhours fm :)

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Gia stay here !! :) I hope that U liked this place :D AH radio :)

Angelo, John when will be a tracklist from this show ? after the show ?
it 's great ! terrible !!!!!!!! :super: :super: :super: :meloman: :woohoo: :woohoo:
electro rulez !!!! ;) :p

Luke :) I'm staying

I suppose it would be my best radio show ... after GDJB :p
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AFTERHOURS.fm Agent loool xD Ive just noticed that

good :D heh